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Revitalize Auto Spa provides outstanding vehicle restoration services to the Oklahoma City area.


To say we are passionate about our work is an understatement. We do what we do out of a love for making things better. We also own and operate a photography company, Four Twigs. We spent two years in Korea, and are now setting up shop in Oklahoma City.


Nicholas Chopp

Nicholas works full-time for the US Army. He has been active duty since 2011. His first car was a 1978 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Brougham, and many an hour was spent washing and waxing it. Nicholas focuses on the exteriors of vehicles - polishing, coating, and touch ups.

Hillary Chopp

Hillary operates Four Twigs photography in addition to being a stay at home mom to our four children and homeschooling the oldest three. She works on the interiors of vehicles, and can work miracles with neglected leather and upholstery.