Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport (2017)

It’s tough to beat the C7 Corvette for a combination of beauty and aggression - and the Grand Sport just takes it to the next level.

With only 20,000 miles on the odometer I expected it to be in good condition, and wasn’t disappointed. The owner only does touch free car washes and it’s typically only driven in nice weather, so the paint was in outstanding condition. The customized package was for a full interior and exterior clean and ceramic coating of wheels, paint, glass, and leather.

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Intake Photos

Tires and Wheels

I always start with tires and wheels, and these were pretty rough. This is when having a variety of different brushes and cleaners is key. We had planned for a wheels off detail, but the owner didn’t have the jack pads installed and I didn’t want to risk damage to the runners. After the everything was clean and dry the tires were dressed with Meguiar’s Silicone-Free Hyper Dressing.

Meguiar’s Super Degreaser and Wheel and Tire Cleaner, Gyeon Tar Remover, and a variety of brushes

The first step was removing the rim tape. Again, this is where having good tools helps.

Rinseless Wash

A Rinseless Wash is my go-to when the vehicle is already relatively clean. Meguiar’s Rinseless Wash and Microfiber Towels make an excellent combination.


The interior received a deep clean - carpet extraction was unnecessary, so a vacuum, thorough wipe down of all surfaces, and leather decontamination set the stage for leather coating.

Matte - the way leather should look.


Note the denim transfer on the side bolster.

Denim transfer gone.

Shiny leather = oils and dirt.

Matte = clean and healthy.

Matte = clean and healthy.

Gyeon LeatherCoat Q2 applied for at least 3-6 months of protection.

Engine Bay Detail

As with the rest of the car, the engine bay wasn’t horrible - a wipe-down with All Purpose Cleaner took care of most of it. All rubber seals were treated with a Pflege Gummi Stick to keep them moisturized and assist in avoiding cracking.


After cleaning and Gummi Stick applied

Paint Coating

Applying ceramic coatings is unlike any other protectant - you have to be careful, methodical, and pay close attention to curing time. Prior to coating it’s vital to remove all contaminants - for this I use a NanoSkin AutoScrub Fine Wash Mitt lubricated with NanoSkin Glide. This works like a claybar, but much faster, reusable, and less marring to the paint. It removes bonded contaminants like tree sap, residue from water marks, rail dust, and road grime.

The final step before coating is a wipe down with Gyeon Prep. This removes any chemical contaminants left behind after washing and using the Nano Mitt.

Finally ready to coat, I used CarPro Cquartz UK 2.0 for the paint and glass, and CarPro Cquartz Dlux for the wheels.

D-U-N Done Son

All in all it was about a 7 hour detail. It’s always a joy working on performance cars, and this one turned out beautifully.

After cleaning, 000 steel wool, and compounding

It’s the little things…