Our gallery includes some of our recent work. Some vehicles have more photos than others, depending on how much extra time we had to document the progress as we went along.

2017 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport

With only 20,000 miles on the odometer I expected it to be in good condition, and wasn’t disappointed. The owner only does touch free car washes and it’s typically only driven in nice weather, so the paint was in outstanding condition. The customized package was for a full interior and exterior clean and a ceramic coating of wheels, paint, glass, and leather.

2014 Honda Odyssey

This late-model Honda Odyssey totes two adults and four kids around, and so had the usual amount of work to be done. A full interior, exterior, and wheel detail was on tap, and a one stage AIO (all in one) polish and wax.

2000 Mercedes Benz CLK430

The CLKs are one of my favorite models of Mercedes, so it was a pleasure to work on this one. I knew the Aquamarine Metallic would benefit from a fairly aggressive polish, and the usual Menzerna FG400 fixed it right up. It was easy to see that the owner takes good care of the vehicle, but after 15 years even well maintained vehicles need some extra attention.

2007 Lexus GX470

This GX470 was recently purchased by one of our repeat customers, and he quickly got it to us for some much needed love. Black SUVs often take a ton of work, and this one was no exception! After detailing the wheels and tires (so much tire dressing to remove), the next step was a Chemical Guys Citrus Wash shampoo.The paint received a one stage polish (Menzerna FG400) and Blackfire Wet Diamond sealant. While I polished paint Hillary worked her usual magic with the interior. There was a decent amount of hand polishing for this vehicle as well, because the previous owner had Wolverine hands (check out around the door handles!) and the front grille had some significant water spotting. After the polishing was complete, it received our go-to sealant, Blackfire Wet Diamond.

2014 Chevrolet Tahoe

Having three kids of our own, we know what havoc they can wreak on a vehicle. This Tahoe needed a pretty serious amount of loving attention, so that's what it got! Hillary spent a significant amount of time deep cleaning the upholstery and leather, while the paint received a one stage polish (Menzerna FG400 and Meguiar's D300), and Blackfire Wet Diamond Sealant.

2008 BMW M3

This Bavarian cruiser was already in very good condition. The first step was a shampoo with Chemcial Guys Citrus Wash to remove any LSPs, followed by a full Iron-X iron decontamination to remove any chemical contaminants. The windows were polished with Glass Science Glass Scrub. The Silverstone II paint only needed a moderate polish (Merzerna PF2500) to bring out some of the light blue pop, and it was finished with Blackfire Wet Diamond sealant.

2008 Honda Fury 1200

This bad boy came in for a full 3 stage polish (Merzerna FG400, PF2500, and SF4500) and CQuartz ceramic coating. It's a pretty new bike, but had very soft paint and already had some significant swirling, water marks, and general defects. The CQuartz will help minimize future damage to the paint.