Waxes, Sealants, and Coatings


Waxes - what everyone thinks about when they hear about detailing cars. A wax is a natural based product (typically caranuba) that offers approximately one month of chemical protection and water beading. Different types of waxes offer different looks - some looking great on dark colors, others excelling at light colors. Wax is easy to apply and easy to remove.

Sealants - the synthetic version of waxes. They offer a significantly longer amount of chemical protection, often at least several months. They're more expensive than waxes, but also easy to apply and remove.

Coatings - the ultimate paint protection. Coatings active ingredient is silica, the same compound that makes glass. They are extremely hard, and offer at least a year of both chemical and physical protection (helping resist scratches). They also making cleaning the paint significantly easier, as they are extremely hydrophobic (water runs off it). They are more expensive than waxes and sealants, and take a significant amount of time to apply. All detail jobs with coatings require an overnight stay.

More examples of completed vehicles are in our Gallery.