Level 1 Package - $398.00

The Level 1 Package is focused on cleaning the interior and exterior of the vehicle.

  • Carpet and Upholstery Vacuum

  • Scratch Free Wash

  • Forced Air Dry

  • Wheel and Tire Detail

  • All In One (AIO) Paint Correction and Sealant

Level 2 Package - $883.00

The Level 2 Package brings a higher level of attention, with the interior deep clean removing stains and ground-in dirt, and a hybrid stage polish removing larger scratches and bringing out much deeper levels of color.

  • Scratch Free Wash

  • Carpet and Upholstery Deep Clean

  • Wheel and Tire Detail

  • Wheel Spray Coating

  • Clay Bar\Nano Mitt

  • Hybrid Stage Polish

  • Sealant

Level 3 Package - $2000.00

Level 3 Package is a two day process, featuring ceramic coating for outstanding protection. The paint receives a two to three stage polish, the wheels are removed for intricate cleaning, and the interior receives a show-car level detail. The Level 3 Package includes a take home basket of maintenance products to help take care of your investment.

  • Scratch Free Wash

  • Carpet and Upholstery Car Show Clean

  • Engine Bay Deep Clean

  • Wheel Removal and Deep Clean

  • Ceramic Wheel Coating

  • Clay Bar\Nano Mitt

  • Two to Three Stage Polish

  • Ceramic Paint Coating

The Angel Detail - $3,190.00

Polish Angel is a German handcrafted line of products. Their products are simply the best in every respect. The Angel Detail includes a two-stage polish, coatings on every surface, and the ultimate in attention to detail. Every Angel Detail includes a take home basket of maintenance products to help maintain the amazing results achieved.

  • Polish Angel Snowman Wash

  • Polish Angel Iron Serum Decontamination

  • Polish Angel Interior Detail

    • Polish Angel Intimate Fabric Clean

    • Polish Angel Fabric Coat

    • Polish Angel Leather Coat

  • Polish Angel Two Stage Polish

  • Polish Angel Glasscoat Ceramic Coating

  • Polish Angel Rain Window Glass Ceramic Coating

  • Polish Angel Wheel Coating (after removal)